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Geographic Information Systems

Introduction to GIS Coastal zones are complex places. They are physically dynamic, subject to multiple resource demands, carry risk for risk for coastal populations, and are ecologically very important. The coasts of Central and Eastern Europe face particular challenges related to the management of spatial resources at the coast, including population growth, increased tourism pressure, …

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Policy Analysis

Targets After successfully studying this module, you are able to identify and carry out all steps of a simple policy analysis given a new problem. More specific, regarding simple projects, you will know how to define a problem, establish evaluation criteria and identify, evaluate and rank alternatives. It is noted that managing a real world …

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Principles of ICZM

The objective of this module is to introduce you into the general concepts of Integrated Coastal Zone Management. At the end of the module you should know the urgency and benefits of ICZM, what is integrated, what is management and how this is obtained (approach). You should also be able to outline the basic four …

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