After successfully completing this module, you will be able to:

    • appreciate the relation between water quality management (WQM) & ICZM
    • identify the benefits and urgencies to practice  WQM
    • be aware of the basic physical, chemical and biological water quality parameters
    • define the main pollution sources in the Black Sea coast (urban, agricultural & industrial) and the adverse impacts of pollution such as eutrophication of water bodies
    • understand how pollution can be reduced (proper collection, treatment  & disposal of wastes)  & the role of ICZM
    • be acquaintance with the EU regulatory framework for waters, in special, the related EU Directives

The main target groups of this module are:

    • Coastal managers at the local level
    • Coastal managers at the regional and national level
    • Decision makers, planners and engineers of the coastal areas
    • Undergraduate and graduate students
    • NGOs
    • Tour operators & lawyers