Needs for managing the water quality

Increase of population, economic development and excessive use of natural resources in an unsustainable pattern, without practicing integrated management, leads to deterioration of water quality. There are many urbanized areas and industries that discharge their wastes without any treatment to the surface water bodies. As a result, the water becomes polluted and unsuitable for beneficial uses.

We face worldwide a continuous increase in water demand because of the increase in population and industrial production. On the other hand, the quantity of water of good quality is  continuously decreasing due to increase of pollution and global warming. As a result, providing good water quality is on the top of agenda of many countries and a source of conflict between many neighboring countries. There are many water resources that used to be an important source for supplying water in the past and are now left without any use because of their level of pollution. Avoiding those situations is of utmost importance in order to continue providing good quality water wherever is needed.